“Kids Krav Maga” classes at Alpha Krav Maga are a blend of traditional martial arts techniques as well as the modern self-defense skills of Krav Maga.

Taught by our enthusiastic children’s Krav Maga instructors, our students have fun while learning and never get tired of coming back. Everyone in our Kids Krav Maga class will learn effective kicks, punches, and self-defense while learning the philosophies of Alpha Krav Maga with a special emphasis on instilling courtesy, respect, goal-setting, and a good work ethic.

This amazing program teaches mental skills, such as developing focus and listening skills along with confidence, self esteem and social skills.

Mental skills:

Develop discipline

Develop leadership skills

Physical skills:





Little Warriors (6-8 years old)

This program focuses on basic self-defense, techniques, and movement. At this level, the students learn to be proficient standing up and on the ground.  This program is designed to develop coordination, decline, self-control, and confidence.

Junior Warriors (9-12 years old)

This program works on developing both mental and physical skills. Children will learn to be proficient standing up or on the ground. They will begin learning how to defend themselves against different weapons and attacks.



With all the great benefits of this incredible “Kids Krav Maga” program at Alpha Krav Maga, there is no reason to wait!  Sign up your child today! 

For more information, please call Jeff Horvitz at (312) 474-2010.